Family (hi)stories

“This building draws people into its spell”, whispers Elisabeth and smiles contentedly. “Those who leave here will certainly come back again”, the lady of the house is convinced. “Just as happened to me…”

She has been running the historic Gourmet Hotel & Restaurant Steinbock Manor in Villanders since 2005. You might even say that Elisabeth is the head of a hospitable clan in this noble, age-old, elegant building. Elisabeth’s father Alois Rabensteiner, a building contractor, bought the structure in the year 2000 from Luis Gasser, who had totally refurbished it back in the 1980s. Once under the care of the Rabensteiner family, the premises – which formerly served as law courts, as a safe place and as a temporary all-purpose building, were turned into a hotel and restaurant.

The Elizabethan Age

Many years have now passed since the Rabensteiner family took over the historic Steinbock Manor: years that have seen many awards in recognition of the efforts and the limitless devotion of the team working there. With the support of her family, Elisabeth has given the age-old, dusty walls a new gloss, indeed a new life.

Gourmet self-catering

Where Angus cattle graze and sheep bleat into the mountain silence is also a place where every variety of vegetable thrives in the fields alongside a splendid mountain artichoke plantation. And all the produce – meat, fruit and vegetables – from the Rabensteiners’ home farm, the Fuchshof, is then turned into creations to delight the palate by the award-winning kitchen at the Gourmet Hotel & Restaurant Steinbock Manor. Thus one thing leads to another and everything flows into, not one, but two: devotion and passion, to produce a truly authentic atmosphere.

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