If these walls could speak…

Anyone with five centuries under their belt is permitted to creak a little. And indeed to murmur, groan and squeak. After five centuries, they are permitted to proudly show off their experiences. And even to tell of them…

The historic Steinbock (ibex) clears its throat: “I was standing here when no one had heard of the village of Villanders. I might always have been here...”. “I watched over the valley, up here in the village, that was my task. And then I became a court building, then later a place of refuge for those who would not go to church. When then – I think it was in 1750 – I suddenly became a guest house, it was as if I had been reborn. People from the whole village came and went. It was a wild time, they all celebrated, danced and drank. No one can take those memories away from me!”, the old building thoughtfully regards the sky and smirks. “And then, in the 1980s, there came Luis Gasser who cleaned me out and I was totally refurbished. But then Luis left after handing me over to the Rabensteiner family, and I am now for the first time sure that this family will stay.

They have been with me since the year 2000 and Elisabeth has been taking care of my old walls since 2005. And soon I will get a whole new extension! Although I am already old – I can hardly deny it” – a smile – “I feel very young at heart!”

And although it is its very age that makes the historic Steinbock Manor so charming, in 2018 it will get another – younger, if you will – extension, with more suites and a soothing spa area . Thus the charm of the old (yet young-at-heart) building will be enhanced – enlarged, indeed!

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