A journey from the past into the present

The “past” runs through each room and every part of the building. Vaulted walls, a wooden floor marked by thousands of pairs of feet, Swiss stone pine that could tell a few stories as panelling in the walls in the snug rooms. The windows, the doors, the furniture all whisper tales of the past here…

Whispered stories, historic furniture

Antiques from bygone eras stand on original Nain carpets, a brightly-painted wardrobe is reflected in a mirror now clouded by age.

The history of the building can be heard in the creaking of the floors, whispering to guests as you hurry through the narrow corridors round the inner courtyard or creep down the wonderfully uneven staircase into the deep cellar. Only rarely are contemporary items of furniture to be seen. And then it is as if you have woken from a dream, as if you have come back from a journey through time.

The walls of the Gourmet Hotel & Restaurant Steinbock Manor whisper softly of the past – as does every single corner of the house.

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