High up on the Alm!

Alpine air fills the your lungs, freshness pervades every cell of your body, and a desire to explore the landscape is awakened. Get high on the mountain pastures!

Perfect peace

What could be better than having a whole mountain pasture to yourself? Where peaceful greenery or glittering white relax both the eyes and soul, where the blue of the heavens reigns over the landscape, where deer flit and marmots whistle. The historic Steinbock Manor can also boast two unstaffed private huts at an altitude of 2,000 metres, reserved solely for guests of our hotel and restaurant. Exclusive gourmet catering is combined with the fabulous mountain panorama of the Dolomites, perfect for celebrations of every kind, whether intimate or boisterous. Recuperation direct from the source, under the protective hands of Mother Nature.

A paradise for hikers

 Fir trees and larches form dense forests on the Villanderer Alm, bright-blue and jet-black mountain lakes nestle in the hollows of the high plateau, while the Dolomites to the east, the Rieserferner Group to the north, and the Sarn Valley Alps to the west greet each day anew. Even the distant Ötztal Alps can be seen on the horizon. Europe’s second highest mountain pasture can also offer the most beautiful mountain views: truly a paradise for hikers: marked trails criss-cross the wide pasturelands without any major change in elevation. The Villanderer Alm is a place not just for Alpine roses to blossom, but also – especially – the hearts of nature lovers.

A plateful of South Tyrolean pastures

Enjoying the tranquillity of the Steinbock’s private huts and exploring the Villanderer Alm is just the start, however: in the vicinity of our hotel and restaurant there is also plenty to discover in summer and in winter, with numerous huts serving up pure South Tyrolean mountain culture on a plate.

A good holiday begins with good food!

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