Between a sea of blossoms and vibrant city life

While the last snow on the mountains recalls the recent frosts, each day sees ever more budding and blossoming in the Eisack Valley, an ideal time for walking and exploring!

Up on the pastures

The rising temperatures also awaken a zest for action! Walkers head for the mountains in the spring sunshine, while mountain-bikers strive to shake off the winter cobwebs: Alpine flowers raise their heads inquiringly from the meadows, determined to put on a show of colourful splendour, while mountain streams carry away the last of the snows down to the valley. A paradise for walkers as far as the eye can see – and as far as your feet will carry you. Up on the Villanderer Alm new life is awakening, a delight for anyone walking or cycling up there! A pleasure for hearts and legs, for large and small alike.

The city awakes

As in the countryside, so in the city. The towns of the Eisack Valley gleam in their springtime freshness and tempt visitors to spend time appreciating the cultural activities on offer, or strolling through the picturesque alleyways. The Zwölferturm Tower is the proud symbol of Sterzing, once a fief of the Fugger dynasty, just as Säben Abbey watches over the artists’ town of Klausen. Along with its historic shopping arcades, in Brixen can be found the Hofburg, the Cathedral and the Diocesan Museum, all magnets for those seeking culture. The cultural attractions extend beyond the city to include the Eisack Valley Museums, castles and ever-changing exhibitions.

Culinary delights

Springtime also means the pleasures of the palate – especially in the Eisack Valley. The month of March is devoted to the Eisack Valley cuisine, with traditional inns serving up local delicacies for two weeks. Their creativity is enhanced by unique variations, with ingredients changing according to the region and season. Accompanied with an entertainment programme, these speciality weeks are a springtime treat for gourmets with a taste for the finest things in life.

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