Villanders – where everything once changed

Rumour in Villanders has it that the village was once called “Schönberg”, the beautiful mountain, until a raging landslide swept it away and nothing was ever again the same for the residents. All was now different in Villanders – it was now “viel-anders”, much changed. But the village is still situated on a beautiful mountain.

Whether today this village is still very different from the other mountain villages nearby is a matter for the beholder. But Villanders is a surprisingly wide-ranging municipality that rises steeply up the mountain: a difference in height of 2,000 metres, from 491 m to 2,509 m a.s.l. The village centre lies at 880 metres above sea level – as does the historic Steinbock Manor.

A village waiting to be discovered

Exactly ten bends in the road bring visitors up from the artists’ town of Klausen to the quiet mountain village of Villanders. Villanders lies on the Eisack Valley, known as the valley of the trails, and is ideal for a mountain holiday: it boasts an extensive walking area , its own mine and one of Europe’s finest high pastures , while in the village centre there is a whole ArcheoParc waiting to welcome guests.

Before the eyes stretches a world of Alpine nuances and cultural aspects, restful peace and the typical zest for action of a mountain holiday. Culinary treats are also served up, with all-natural ingredients formed into imaginative creations.

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