A paradise for wine connoisseurs

If these walls could talk, each of these venerable stones could probably tell its own story…

Deep, deep down leads the ancient staircase, centuries into the past. It is not just children who might sense an eerie tingling and the idea that a knight in clanking armour could come round the corner at any moment.

In these deep vaults are revealed the treasures that are a delight for every wine lover.

Some 800 wines from all around the world are stored in the wine cellar of the Gourmet Hotel & Restaurant Steinbock Manor, surrounded by stately walls dating from the 15th century: young and fresh wines, ready for drinking, as well as valuable rarities elegantly covered in dust.

Taste and enjoy!

In the depths of the cellar, a tasting table of modern design contrasts with the feeling that time seems to have stood still here. The unique ambience is given new life: weekly wine and cheese tastings are held here in the company of our two sommeliers, while once a week our very own beer sommelier is on hand to serve his specialties.

The cellar can also be booked for exclusive aperitifs or wine-tasting events, for a gourmet dinner accompanied by wine, and for celebrations of six to twenty people.

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