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What lies in the depths of the old residence will bring forth a sigh of longing from every wine connoisseur: fine wines without number to complement these noble and ancient walls.

The landscape gives an idea of what is now aging to perfection in the silent cellar of the historic Steinbock Manor. South Tyrol is the oldest wine-growing area in the German-speaking world, and the local population was engaging with the Romans over 2,000 years ago with regard to the art of growing and making wine here. Today’s beautiful hilly landscapes bear witness to this, as here is where the grapes are ripened to produce great wines and here can be found a remarkable storehouse for these treasures: the large, ancient wine cellar at the historic Zum Steinbock residence.

Bacchus would be in seventh heaven

Our wine list is second to none, with over 800 types of wine from all over the world kept hidden in the depths of the noble walls dating back to the 15th century. The Rabensteiner family pays full respect to the wine culture of South Tyrol, but the finest wines from France, Tuscany and Piedmont as well as wine specialities from California and Chile can also be found on the lengthy wine list. The Gourmet Hotel & Restaurant Steinbock Manor is worth a visit for its fine wines alone: our two wine sommeliers will be delighted to accompany you on a wine and cheese tasting adventure. Those who like fine malt and hops, by contrast, will be delighted as our beer sommelier reveals the secrets of his refreshing ales.

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